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Shampoo Labels

Transform dull packaging with shampoo bottle labels that quickly convey your product’s benefits and excite consumers.

Turn up the volume on your shampoo packaging.
Get packaging labels that you can be proud to put on your shampoo, conditioner, or hair styling product. We carry a wide selection of water-resistant label materials, ensuring your labels don’t peel or rub off in the shower. Give your packaging a boost with custom shampoo labels that emphasize quality and make your brand more memorable. If your shampoo is packaged in a squeezable bottle, we also have flexible films designed to handle squeezing. Start on your labels today by getting an instant online quote!

Get the exact label look you want.
Getting the exact label look you want is easier when you work a label printing company with over 30 years of experience and a warehouse full of materials, cutting dies, and colors to choose from. To give you some ideas on how we can help you create a complete product package, below are some material and customization options to get your creative juices bubbling. Our dedicated customer service team would also be happy to give you personalized recommendations based on your label design and container.
If you need to fit a lot of product information onto your labels without overwhelming the bottle, full-body shrink sleeve labels, and multi-layer labels are great solutions.

Custom shampoo labels for any bottle.
We offer a variety of label materials, shapes, sizes, and printing techniques to achieve the gorgeous label look you want. From cost-effective papers to pristine films, we have many options to suit different budgets and durability needs. Elevate your shampoo labels with our high-quality materials, easy reordering process, and multiple design variation printing capabilities.