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Candle Labels

Make your candles look as good as they smell with professional label printing.

Stunning candle label printing material options.
Your candle’s scent isn’t the only thing that should be appealing – custom candle labels are a great way to capture your brand’s identity so your product can be memorable and attractive to consumers.
No matter the desired look of your custom printed candle labels, we’ve got you covered. From a natural kraft look to a modern foil, we offer materials that exemplify any brand. You also have the option to choose from special textured and environmentally-friendly label materials.

Print multiple product variations in the same run.
If you sell multiple candle scents, you can save money by choosing to have multiple variations in your order. Your label designs will be printed in the same run so you don’t have to worry about any additional time.
We offer candle labels that can be applied directly to jars, tins, and wrapping papers, giving you quite a bit of creative freedom with the design. However, labeling issues can occur with candle products because some scents can cause label discoloration. Your dedicated customer service representative can help you choose the right combination of materials for durable, beautiful labels

Top off your labels with special finishes.
In addition to label materials, you can also choose from different finishes that add extra durability and aesthetic. These extra finishes can give your labels extra edge over the competition. Choose from classics such as matte, or gloss and special finishes like spot coat/dual uv, foiling, or texture.
With a lot of candle jars being clear, it only makes sense to use clear labels. A clear container and label put most of the attention on the candles themselves. Used as a visual selling point, clear labels on a clear container emphasize the candle’s uniqueness.