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Health & Nutrition Labels

Medical and Healthcare
Our durable and functional adhesives for medical and healthcare needs are designed to improve patient outcomes, facility operations and prescription deliverability.

Health & Nutrition Labels
We offer custom health labels with high-quality materials and advanced printing technology for vitamins, nutraceuticals, cbd products, and more.

Vitamin Labels
Get attention-grabbing labels for your vitamin bottles printed by our team of experts.

CBD Labels
Get your CBD product labels printed by the industry-leading professional label company.

Make a statement with your health labels.
We have produced millions of health labels for many customers across multiple industries. Getting beautiful custom labels that adhere to guidelines is easier when you have a knowledgeable label printing company. Especially one with high-quality materials and processes behind you. We also offer a variety of printing techniques, cutting dies, and label materials so your labels not only look great but perform the way you need.

Laboratory Labels
Organize your medical office or facility and promote safe practices with laboratory labels that are durable and legible.

Improve organization and safety.
Identify and track samples, communicate safety warnings, or mark equipment with custom laboratory labels that are legible and stay in place. We have strict quality checks in place to ensure your labels are accurate. Our high-quality materials, easy reordering process, and multiple design variation printing capabilities will produce a label solution that best fits your laboratory’s needs.

Color-coded labels, warning labels, and more.
Improve your lab’s safety and efficiency with color-coded labels, warning labels, specimen labels, and so much more. We also offer tamper-evident seals to maintain the integrity of samples. Our extensive selection of materials and precise printing techniques ensure your laboratory labels will perform optimally for a long time.

Durable laboratory labels for any application.
We can print blank or custom lab labels for vials, tubes, equipment, and any other item. Whether your labels will face extreme temperatures, moisture, or chemical exposure, we have label materials that can stand up to tough conditions. Let us know what environment your labels will be serving in, and we’ll help you select the right combination of materials.

Medical Marijuana Labels
Communicate important safety information or add personality to packaging with medical marijuana labels.

Instill trust with medical marijuana packaging.
It’s essential that medical marijuana packaging provides vital product information and instills trust. Get professional dispensary labels for any medicinal packaging such as child-resistant bottles, stand-up pouches, smell-proof bags, and more. We offer high-quality materials, easy reordering, and multiple design variation printing capabilities to produce custom medical marijuana labels that inspire confidence.